Work Conditioning

Game Shape Physical Therapist knows the demands of work can result in many physical challenges which limit worker performance. Like mechanical equipment, people sometimes break down or function inefficiently. These challenges are costly for everyone – employers, employees, and consumers alike. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, worker performance is important to you.

At Game Shape, our unique and expansive knowledge about the function of workers, the demands of the work, and efficient work behaviors allow us to create unique solutions that reduce injury risk, enhance worker comfort, and maximize movement potential. All of our programs include: back and neck safety education, work conditioning, personalized exercise plans, body mechanics assessments, ergonomic assessments, and more.

We provide the high quality Work Injury Rehab services that everyone involved in a workers’ compensation case can rely on, including:

Ergonomic Training: Employers are given direction on establishing an Ergonomics Team or Program that correlates with OSHA’s guidelines. Recommendations are provided for making the work environment safer and the work more productive. Training can be customized for either supervisors or employees and will answer specific ergonomic issues or questions of the employer.

Functional Capacity Evaluation: Game Shape contracts out for Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs). We feel that it is a conflict of interest to perform these evaluations and then have to recommend follow-up care to the injured worker at our facility. Therefore, we utilize an unbiased, experienced team of professionals to perform these tests. This comprehensive, FCE assesses an individual’s physical ability to do a specific job or activity and aids in developing a safe return to work program. The FCE report clearly describes the tasks a worker could perform in a typical workday. When the FCE is complete, the worker understands his or her capacity, the physician and case manager can feel confident in the individual’s readiness for work, and the employer knows specific job matches.

Functional Job Analysis: Our Physical Therapists assess the work, worker, and work site and then provide employers with guidelines for safety and recommendations on new work area designs and adaptive equipment. This analysis can assist with developing functional job descriptions by defining the essential functions and critical physical demands of jobs in accordance with the ADA.

Pre-Work Screening: This program provides employers with specific information on the relationship between the critical demands of a job and the physical capabilities of the potential workers. The screens are developed to measure functional capabilities that meet the intent of ADA non-discrimination statements. It matches the right worker to the right work. These screens are done following an offer of employment, and hiring is contingent upon successful completion of the screen.

Functional Injury Prevention: This is an evaluation of functional stretching and strengthening which helps prevent knee, ankle, back and other joint and muscle injuries. After the evaluation, we provide feedback on our assessment and also provide exercise recommendations.

Injury Consultation: We assess common injuries such as lower back pain, neck strain, shoulder impingement, snapping hip, patella-femoral clicking, ankle / foot instability, and plantar fasciitis. Options for treatment include physical therapy services, home exercise programs, and/or a referral to another healthcare professional may be given.

Work Conditioning: With the goal of returning to work in a safe, timely manner, this program strengthens an individual’s abilities by simulating job duties. The conditioning is performed for a defined length of time (i.e. two to four hours a day, 3-5 times a week) to gradually increase the employee’s tolerance for the job’s physical demands.

Game Shape Physical Therapy shares your goal of a safe and quick recovery from a work-related injury. Our licensed physical therapy professionals create customized programs that improve function and body mechanics while reducing the chances of re-injury. Our passion for healing people and helping them return to work safely, combined with our experience and dedication, make us the first choice of many local doctors, case managers, and attorneys in Central New Jersey.

For more information on our comprehensive care for work-related injuries, or to schedule an appointment, call (732) 617 – 8090, or request an appointment online.