Student Interns/Volunteers

High School Students:

If you are interested in becoming a physical therapist (DPT) or physical therapist assistant (PTA), you will find that volunteering in a PT setting is essential. We welcome, young learners! At Game Shape Physical Therapy we provide an excellent, first-hand experience in working with orthopedic and neurologic patients, as well as, provide exposure to our fitness professionals (personal trainers and exercise physiologists). Becoming a volunteer is also essential for getting into a competitive physical therapy school.

Opportunities exist for observational or volunteer internships in our physical therapy facility. High School students are encouraged to submit a short resume and cover letter detailing hours of availability and personal goals. These can be submitted to:

PT Students at a College or University:

We provide a certified, clinical instructor to each of our students going through formal physical therapy training in a major university or college program.

Physical Therapy College or University Internships are available through:

For other colleges or university listings, please contact your school directly to see if we are a participating Clinical Site. Or you can contact our Clinical Director at: