For Our Insurance Reps

Insurance companies refer to our facility frequently with the confidence that the patient’s problems will be resolved in a efficacious manner. Professional Sports & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Associates, LLC has a reputation throughout the insurance industry of ethical, appropriate, timely, and cost effective care. Because of the level of expertise of our therapists, our patients are evaluated and set up with specific treatment programs designed to resolve problems quickly and safely, without unnecessary, palliative, and time consuming treatments.

Inside Game Shape, our physical therapists have a wide variety of treatment options. From the use of modalities, to manual therapy techniques, to a full array of exercise equipment and use of the fitness center, to our work hardening equipment and simulation techniques – Professional Sports & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Services, LLC can and will get the job done right.

We welcome feedback and technical conversations with Insurance Representatives, Case Managers, and other individuals responsible for cost effective,high quality patient care. In addition, tours of our facility and an opportunity to meet the staff can easily be arranged.

In an effort for you to get to know us better and for us to support you, to better serve your patients and clients, we provide you with the following additional information:

Medical Library Link – Our medical library has a wealth of information on the conditions and treatments that we undertake.

Insurance List Link – This page contains a list of Insurance Companies that we participate with. If you don’t see your company or a particular Insurance Company on this list please contact us. We will do our best to become a participating provider with any Insurance Company to better serve your patient population.

Virtual Tour Link – Insurance Reps and Case Managers are always welcome to visit us at Game Shape. If that doesn’t seem to fit into your schedule – then a virtual tour may help!

Frequently Asked Questions – The page will give Insurance Reps and Case Managers a better understanding of common questions and answers related to our patient care services.

Our Vision and values – Here Insurance Reps and Case Managers can gather some quick facts about our facility.

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