Personal Training

At Game Shape, we take personal training very seriously and hold our personal trainers to extremely high standards of practice. All of our trainers are certified through recognized and reputable organizations, and our trainers have years of experience to offer. At Game Shape, we require that all of our personal trainers be certified as a “certified personal trainer” (CPT), through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or through other approved certifying agencies (NASM, etc.).

Game Shape Personal Trainers are educated on the most advanced training techniques available and trainers have many opportunities to receive both in-house skills training through clinical in-services, and continuing education opportunities by attending outside national fitness seminars. Our certified personal trainers understand the principles of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise. Additionally, our trainers have the unique advantage of working alongside our doctors of physical therapy (DPTs), physical therapy assistants (PTAs) and an exercise physiologist. As a result, our personal trainers understand medical conditions, post-injury conditioning and post-rehab program design, on a much higher level than trainers in other facilities.

As a personal training client, your program will be designed to meet your specific needs and goals. During the first session, your trainer will put you through a thorough fitness assessment addressing strength, flexibility, body composition and muscle imbalance. This will help us decide on a safe and effective training program, and allow us to take measurements to carefully monitor and update your routine. Our trainers will constantly monitor your progress and compare baseline measurements over time to newer measurements. Measurable progress is the key to our success.

Whether it’s sport-specific training, weight management, senior fitness, cardiovascular endurance, post-rehab, or body building, our trainers will do their best to make you want to exercise, by making your sessions fun, creative, and beneficial.

Introduction to Personal Training

Spend three 1-hour sessions with a personal trainer. Set your goals and get a game plan for your future achievements.

Intro 3-Pack of Personal Training $149

Personal Training

A 60-minute training session, customized to meet your needs. This dedicated session will focus on all aspects of training including: Stretching, Flexibility, Self-Myofascial Release, Strength, Power, Stability, Balance, Agility, Cardio-respiratory and Speed.

Personal Training Monthly Plans ( Sold by EFT Only* )
1x/wk* 2x/wk* 3x/wk* 4x/wk*
30 min
$45 ea.
$42.50 ea.
$40 ea.
$37.50 ea.
60 min
$80 ea.
$75 ea.
$70 ea.
$65 ea.
Free Gym Membership with any Personal Training Package

There’s a REWARD… because there are extra days in every month, and Game Shape only charges for 4 weeks / month. That can add up to 12 FREE sessions a year!! A great value!! It is a BONUS for consistency in training and getting healthy.

Small Group Personal Training

Boot Camp (30 – 45 min) A Fitness Boot Camp is an intense “circuit” that keeps your heart rate up, burns tons of calories, and tones your whole body. Circuit Training alternates strength training with aerobic activities to give you two workouts in one. Join the “armed-forces” of Game Shape – Boot Camp!

Cardio Burn Class (20-25 min.) This high intensity, fat burning cardio conditioning class is sure to challenge both beginners and advanced exercisers alike. Utilizing any combination of treadmills, ellipticals, upper body cycles, rowers, and/or bikes Cardio Burn incorporates intervals at various lengths and intensities providing the participant with a fast but intense workout, guaranteed to burn more calories than straight cardio!

Kettlebell Class (30 min.) One of the hottest training methods today is Kettlebell training. Kettlebell workouts are amazing for core and full body strengthening, building muscle, and burning fat. Working with kettlebells differs from any strength training routine you may be used to. Described as a medicine ball with a handle, Kettlebell exercises include various types of swings, cleans, presses, squats and other full body motions that are both fun for the participant and demanding on the core muscles.


All Group Training Programs are sold in Packs of 10 Sessions.

3 People $40 PP / per session
4 People $30 PP / per session
5 People $24 PP / per session
6 People $20 PP / per session

What Will a Game Shape Personal Trainer Do for You?

  • We have successfully trained hundreds of clients in the Northern Monmouth area, and we can do it for you too!
  • Trainers are under the guidance of one of our DPTs to ensure safe technique and avoid injuries
  • We prepare ahead of time, so you don’t have to; to give you an effective use of your time
  • Exercise variation to minimize boredom and keep you coming back for more
  • Trainers are available 24/7 by Email, Phone and Text Messaging for your questions or concerns
  • We provide healthful tips on nutrition and motivational coaching for free
  • Having the support & guidance to promote accountability and ensure results

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