For Our Referring Physicians

At Game Shape Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on working closely with physicians that refer their patients to our facility. Physicians who refer their patients to us do so with confidence knowing that each patient will receive individual attention and state-of-the-art treatment. Our goal is to be part of the “total” health care team in the patients’ best interest. Therefore, our aim is to communicate with physicians during each step of the patient’s care. We provide thorough initial evaluations, progress reports prior to each physician visit and a final discharge summary. Additionally, if needed, we will contact you by phone to discuss any issues that require your immediate attention.

Considering the special needs of some patients, the rapid evolution of physical therapy and the variations in techniques and outcomes at different rehabilitation practices, sometimes physicians are more comfortable referring to us when they have had the opportunity to first discuss their patient with one of our physical therapists. If so, please call at your convenience and we will be happy to discuss with you your patient and the physical therapy program that is appropriate for them. If you have specific guidelines and/or protocols that you which us to follow, feel free to provide them as well.

In an effort for you to get to know us better and for us to support you, to better serve your patients, we provide you with the following additional information:

Medical Library – Visit our medical library to learn more about the conservative care options available for your patients. Review particular diagnoses, possible treatment goals, that are validated by other credible websites. Don’t miss our evidence-based reference section for physicians either.

Insurance List – This page contains a list of Insurance Companies that we participate with. If you don’t see a particular Insurance Company on this list please contact us. We will do our best to become a participating provider with any Insurance Company to better serve your patient population or we will make other arrangements with your patient.

Virtual Tour – Physicians are always welcome to visit us at Game Shape. If that doesn’t seem to fit into your schedule – then a virtual tour may help!

Frequently Asked Questions – The page will give physicians a better understanding of common questions and answers related to our patient care services.

Our Vision and Values – Here physicians can gather some quick facts about our facility.