The Partnership Model address two significant trends in physical therapy.

  1. Physical Therapists, PT education systems and the APTA began to push the agenda of autonomy.
  2. Healthcare becoming increasingly complex and continues success in private practice physical therapy would require a more advanced level of business support and acumen.

The Game Shape Physical Therapy (GSPT) partnership model was created in an effort to support physical therapy ownership by physical therapists (PTs) while limiting the risk associated with having a successful business in this extremely competitive healthcare environment.  The model is supported by an administrative team dedicated to assuring our partners success.

GSPT Partners often start as staff physical therapists with the desire to one day have ownership in their own clinic. Our management training program is designed to develop physical therapists’ skills in leadership, practice management and marketing. Our objective is to train and develop the leadership and business skills essential to be a successful practice owner.

Game Shape Physical Therapy is looking for Physical Therapists that want to make the dream of ownership a reality. Our ideal candidate is entrepreneurial and wants to be a leader while still practicing physical therapy.

All of our partners have the desire to “improve the quality of people’s lives” through;

  • Providing an unmatched patient experience
  • Clinical excellence
  • Establishing lifelong relationships


Let us help you run your facility smoothly, so you can get down to the business of taking care of patients. We will build a customized approach to fit your clinic’s needs. There is no “one size fits all” approach. We specialize orthopedic and sports medicine clinics, and we build upon your specific treatment philosophy.

We can support many aspects of your business, including:

  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Reducing Employee Conflicts
  • Billing and Collections
  • EMR Systems
  • Patient Portals / HEP Software
  • Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Networking
  • Direct Access and Self-Pay Opportunities
  • Financial Management / QuickBooks
  • Front Desk / Back Office Systemization
  • Purchasing Supplies with Reputable Products and Discounts
  • Renovations and Equipment Upgrading
  • And more!

What do you want to do?  Are you ready for the next step up in the therapy world? Do you want to grow your clinic? We can help!

For more information email: or call her directly at: (908) 692-9364.