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  • 2015 - 2016 Patient Choice Award Winner
  • Monmouth County's #1 PT Provider for over 15 Years!
  • Direct Access to Physical Therapy: Giving Patients More Choice!
  • We are Bridging the Gap Between Rehabilitation and Wellness


Physical Therapy That Produces Great Results!

And a Fitness Studio to Bridge the Gap Between Rehabilitation and Total Wellness

Welcome to Game Shape

We are the 1st Choice for Physical Therapy in the Central New Jersey Area. For over 15 Years we have bridged the gap between traditional physical therapy clinics and the big box gyms. CEO and Owner, Dr. Michelle Wolpov, PT, DPT, MBA, CSCS, ATC has used a groundbreaking business model to provide physical therapy patients a way to receive exceptional, evidence-based physical therapy treatments; and she has created a pathway, a "bridge", to allow discharged patients a way to continue reaching their wellness goals.

In fact, anyone can obtain physical therapy in NJ without a physician's prescription and will get maximum insurance coverage from the majority of insurance companies (with the exception of Workers' Comp and Motor Vehicle). And we offer early morning, late evening and weekend appointments. We have demonstrated outstanding clinical outcomes and patients have access to a secure patient portal with the means to communicate with their therapist 24 hours a day.

Once Physical Therapy is close to completion, patients can bridge into a fitness program, with certified and experienced personal fitness trainers and exercise physiologists. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy oversee the Medical Fitness Programs that we offer to our patients and to the entire community. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service. And that is why our patients and clients refer us new business and keep coming back!

Come on in...tour our newly renovated facility...meet our team... and see how we can be of service to you!

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  • Top 10 Benefits of Physical Therapy

    Relief without Medication. Physical Therapy can help you reduce the need for prescription pain or anti-inflammatory medications. A conservative treatment such as physical therapy is not only healthier and more effective, but it is also more cost-effective.

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  • The Perks of Belonging to a Small Gym

    It is impossible to nail down one definition of “fitness”. What ‘fitness’ means to one person may not be appropriate to another. It’s about mind-set, relevance and particularly in today’s fast-paced society – about convenience. With goals and aspirations broad and far-reaching, and an industry awash with training techniques, theoretical thinking and daily innovation, it isn’t surprising that we each, as individuals, seek different things from the facilities in which we work out...

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  • Game Shape physical therapy has made all the difference...No longer do I wake up crying from pain. I can walk up a flight of stairs, put on my own socks, and feel my toes - something not possible for over ten years. These are huge accomplishments! I am stronger, more flexible and more confident. Most importantly, I can actually look forward to the next chapter in my life. Thank you Game Shape!


  • The physical therapy department at Game Shape is outstanding! After evaluating my needs, my therapist determined a course of action that turned my life around. My regimen consisted of targeted muscle exercises, use of specialized equipment, massage, electrical stimulation, and a home exercise program. Special thanks to my therapist Cynthia and to the entire professional staff at Game Shape for granting me a new lease on life!

    Jane S

  • I have been free of chronic low back pain for 3 months after living with it for over 15 years. My daily commitment to physical fitness has played a vital role in me feeling better.

    David F

  • Eat more often and lose weight, sounded to good to be true. I was skeptical at first, but in two weeks I lost 8 pounds. From now on when Lori talks, I'll listen.

    Bob R

  • Thanks for helping me with my knee. I was very impressed with the attention and hands-on care I received in every session.

    Gilda L

GSPT accepts virtually all major insurance carriers and participates with many local provider networks. Our friendly staff will verify insurance for you.
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